Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Project Barbie

All I want is to be a model.
All I want is to be skinny and beautiful (someone's thinspo).
All I want is perfection.
Project Barbie is about focusing all my energy on fulfilling my dream!
-I will avoid food at all costs!
-I will only eat what is necessary for survival.
Every day my willpower, my courage, and my strength will be tested.
I will also be graded every morning on how I did the day before. My bathroom scale will be my judge.
-If I weigh more than the day before, I will have to fast.
-If I weigh the same as the day before, I can only eat 100 calories.
-If I weigh less than the day before, I can eat 350 calories.
-When I reach my first goal weight, I can eat 500 calories.
Starting weight= 122
First goal weight= 115
I would love for anybody to join me, we can support each other as we release our inner barbie!


  1. Thanks for the follow! Hello and welcome to blogger! Your diet it a lot more strict than mine...good luck with reaching your goals!

  2. I'm also on a "Project Barbie". I call mine "Weighting". I like your rigid construction. If I start to slip, I'll definitely refer to this post.
    BTW I'm totally new at this, but I'm down to support one another. :)
    Later days, Barbie.