Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Just because I feel it doesnt mean its there..

Hello Barbies!

When I woke up today, I felt thin.. u know those days when ur taking a shower and u can stay there for hours cause ur not in a rush to cover urself..

Today would have been a good day to weigh myself, I was excited, I knew the numbers would be less cause I have been a really good girl and I have worked hard this week.

The problem is my nutritionist canceled on me and changed my appointment to tomorrow. And as u know, she has my scale cause they dont let me have one at home.
Then my stupid macbook decided to die.. all my thinspo and quotes are there and all my entire life and im dying!

I got kinda mad but still made it through the day with 350 calories in my stomach..

Then my stupid fat mind thought it would be okay to have 400 so I ate some pasta but I couldnt stop and ended up having too much..

I purged a little but i dont think it makes a difference and now I feel fat.

Im bloated and fat and now I dont wanna go weigh myself tomorrow..

I took some laxies but they will make my stomach bloat more.

I also need some info..

I usually drink 3.5 lts of water or tea a day; sometimes even more.. is this good or bad?

will it help me lose weight or is it making me gain?

I also wanted to thank u guys 4 ur comments!.. they cheer me up a lot, i dont feel alone!..

thanx 4 ur advice also!.. ur great, i love u girls!


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  1. When i found myself not losing any weight i decided to drink loads of water, (instead of dehdrating myself for a lower/more accurate number on the scale..), and it worked! So water is a definate must (maybe not all 3.5 liters at once u know- through out the day), and tea shud be fine, because its doesnt hav as much caffeine as cofee..(especailly green tea, got go buy me some..) Best of luck !