Monday, September 7, 2009


Hey barbies!

So about my weekend..

I had a 650 cal binge on saturday! i couldnt help it i was at my friend's house and everyone was eating so i tried to eat the healthy stuff but I still had a lot.. I didnt feel that bad cause I went clubbing and danced the night away..

Sunday was kinda okay.. I had max like 500 cal, most of it at night. I dont know why I do that, i just get home and raid the fridge and while I do it Im not thinking... but then I start feeling fat and I regret it.. Im trying not to purge, i dont want to fall into mia.. I dont like it and i dont wanna ruin my teeth and i dont like being bloated.. Im also looking at it as a way to make me eat less cause if I eat too much I would have to purge and I hate it..

Im also taking a break on laxies.. They also make my stomach big.. Im just scared of gaining weight cause i left them and my diet pills suck!..

Tomorrow I want to start the 2,4,6,8.. actually I dont think im doing the 8.. I think I will make it 0,2,4,6.. 8 is waaay too much! I would love it if some of u guys joined me!. we can make it like a competition so that will keep us focused!..

I discovered some amazing songs to dance to, and ive been dancing calories off every night!

-Sexy bitch- akon ft david guetta

-Feel it in my bones- tegan and sara ft tiesto

-She Wolf- Shakira

-Sweet dreams- Beyonce

-Bulletproof- La Roux

-Patron Tequila- Paradiso Girls

I hope u like them!..

I dont know why my relationship with food isnt fucked up yet.. I still want food, I look for it!.. help me people cause Im not getting any thinner this way!

Food intake until now-

-12 jicama sticks- 12 calories

I'll edit later cause my stepmom will make me eat with the family..

xoxo, sam

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