Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The only freedom left, is the freedom to starve

Hey girls!

I feel so dirty inside!.. it is the perfect moment for a fast!

My 0,2,4,6 diet didnt work out cause my bitchy stepmom made me eat like a pig!.. i hate her..

But I am sooo excited cause she is leaving to vegas tomorrow for 4 days and I am free to fast!!!

I am so happy about this! I want to cleanse my body and soul!

I feel like this will be a fresh start!

I took some laxies so I can start my fast empty!..

I feel so fat lately and I hit a plateau so this water fast will jumpstart my metabolism!

Im doing this with a friend I know and we will see each other everyday to keep our mind off food!

I hate food, I despise it!.. I want to feel the hunger, I want to feel weak, I want my bones to show, I want people to worry, I want to have nothing inside me and float away!.. All I want to be is empty and weightless.. I want to be perfect!

I can only have:






Wish me luck! I feel strong and determined and Im so excited!!!



  1. ahhh step-parents enjoy ruining lives i swear.
    it sounds like youre going to do super great with this one, and feeling dirty is always the best reason for a fast.

    good luck hun!!!

    XOXO Sophia Ruins <3

  2. Gud luck on ur fast! I've only ever managed one day at a time.. im a loser.. but u'll do gr8t!