Saturday, November 7, 2009

Ive spent so much time in darkness, I almost forgot how beautiful the moonlight is.

Hello people!..
Today is day number 6 of fasting!.. Its the longest I have ever fasted.. Im sorry I didnt post anything yesterday, i didnt have time, i went to akon's concert! it was amazing!.. the most amazing part was that I felt thinner when I danced.. I could feel every movement in my body without fat messing it up!.. Yesterday I weighed 50.5 kilograms and today I weigh 50.3 kilograms.. i dont get why im losing so slow!!! I will die if I dont hit 50! I fucking need that number.. I have also been excersizing.. not as much as I usually do but I have done something..

Right now I have to eat with my sister and cousin, I have to eat something cause my sister is realy worried about me and I dont want to scare her even more.. so I will have some carrot soup, its made with water, and it only has 50 calories.. i know its like breaking a fast but i dont feel like i will break it cause its still nothing solid and its the only thing ill eat.. i wanna fast forever..

I have a surprise for u guys!.. as i promised, I will post some pictures of me, without my face showing!.. i will post them on my next post.. im nervous!!!!

any tips to how to stay this weight once i start eating again?.. or how not to gain that much?.. help! i really love u people!


  1. If you get to 50kg's and you want to maintain.
    Eat under 1800 calories a day and you wont gain weight.
    This is assuming you do light to moderate exercise 3-5 times a week.

  2. I agree, just eat what your body needs to maintain, and you'll be fine,
    I hope that helps, and that your okay x

  3. after a fast, the food you eat is CRUCIAL.
    start off with raw veggies and soup (good choice) for a few days.. you don't want to have stomach pains and 'toilet' problems..
    ease your way into food

  4. Heya well done on the fast! My advice is start off low and then after a few days you can build up to your normal intake per day :)