Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Her sin is her lifelessness...

Its september.. im back.. i was traveling i couldnt write, im sorry..
then i was back like some weeks ago and well.. lets say im just dead, just a walking piece of meat or something, not interested in anything.. im too tired i cant get into it right now, but i will.. ill just mention what is important-
CURRENT WEIGHT-102.5 (this is also my lowest weight, and still not enough)

ive been reading these days.. ill fill u in on details soon..
good night


  1. you're such an inspiration to me!! i used to be bulimic and disgusting and sick when ana is so much better. so much more control, so much more thin, i feel so much better!! i'm not thin enough and i've been set back a bit because of a stupid mia crisis. wtf?!?
    i just wanted to say stay skinny and you're a huge inspiration to me to just keep going when i want to say ohmygod i'm actually hungry right now when i'm actually not. this helps keep me clean and free of mia. ew.

  2. help me.