Tuesday, June 29, 2010

cant breathe under all this fat

i feel fat.. im fat..im so so so fucking fat its disgusting.. my ass is huuugeeeeeeee... looking in the mirror makes me want to vomit.. i hate myself, i am an obese pig.. i went shopping today and couldnt buy anything.. size 26 jeans fit perfectly but i couldnt buy them, i look fat.. im fat.. my thighs are huge.. im horribly disgusting.. my ass is the worst, i have like 2 huge balloons..
I need to get out of this body, i desperately need to escape this awful body and be free, i feel suffocated, trapped, encaged, i cant breathe.. HELP

-2 cups of vegetable soup (forced) 150 calories
-1 frozen yogurt 250 calories (purged some)
-a lot of coffee, i lost count
-a lot of water

I feel like its a loooooottttttt, i feel i wont lose weight.. i feel huge, im huge, im disgusting, pleaseeee i need to lose this fat.. i wanna kill myself, i wanna die..

I dont know how to lose weight anymore, everything makes me gain weight.. what should i eat?
what is better, fruit? vegetables? soup? yogurt?.. what should i eat to losee this fucking weight..
please help me!!!!!! what do u guys eat? i feel i only lose when i fast and i cant fast my mom wont let me.. helppppp meeeeeeeeee


  1. sounds like you already know what to eat. fruit will give you energy. but you've got to get tons of exercise. if you're stuck sitting down, fidget. always always always keep moving. hang in there, darling.


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  3. I always find green veggies to be the best thing I can put in my mouth. Fruit freaks me out because of the high sugar content - natural or not. I mean think about it... 1 cup of steamed broccoli is 20 cals, that's it. So you can (easily) eat like 3 cups for a meal, be stuffed as fuck, and only 60 cals deep. AND besides meat, green veggies are the second slowest food to break down in your stomach so you stay feeling full longer. :) Hope everything works out and DON'T worry. I'm sure your ass is big if you're wearing a 26. Step outta the mirror tent at the circus ;). Much luv sweetie!

  4. stay strong, hun. u've hit a plateau, but it will pass, promise.)
    u should try increasing ur cals for a couple days and then restrict again. in my case the b-ps from time to time would kick the scales down.
    keep strong, don;t give in.

  5. You are suffering from body image problems, stop watching tv; and don't look at a magazine for four months. This is the real problem, meanwhile your mom seems smart, I'd talk to her. Go dance or something, it will make you feel good. Oh yea, and eat more healthy food. Image is nothing it disappears, it's temporary no matter what you do. Stop wasting yourself and your time, "looking in the mirror" means look inside yourself, decide what you want to do and be happy with it, you'll grow out of it, Peace

  6. i'm fat too.. but let's work this out together ><