Sunday, August 16, 2009

Back Home

Hey Girls!
I'm sorry I was not able to post something yesterday. It was my last day in San Diego 4 the summer and I had so many last minute things to do!..

Today I arrived home at Mexico City, and I think it will be much easier sticking to my strict diet plan here because I will be busy with school, pilates and, belly dance classes. It was hard not to eat in San Diego because there was nothing to do, and my grandparents, cousins, ants, uncles, etc were all over me all the time saying I didn't eat and forcing food on me. Here, the only one that forces me to eat is my dad, but he is a heart surgeon so he is never home. My step mom is also a huge pain in the ass but I dont even care what she thinks...

I have not weighed myself in a couple of days and I havent noticed any important changes in my body image either. Maybe its because I'm on my period or something... I hate getting my period because that means I am still not skinny enough. I dont even know why my family worries so much about me if my health is perfectly fine.

Is anyone a vegan?.. I'm thinking of becoming one.. If u have any info or tips u can give I would really appreciate it...
XOXO, Samantha

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