Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Inspire me, help me, save me

I don't know whats happening to me lately.
I dont feel anything.
Its like Im NUMB; but not physically.
I dont know how to explain it but its like I dont care about anything.
I have been shutting people out, my friends, my family; I have no interest in doing anything.
I havent been eating much but still more than I should, like 650 calories!.. and my problem is that I dont care.. Its weird cause all I want is to be skinny, I want my bones to show, I want people to notice me and care!..
I really really need ur support u guys, some inspiration!.. I dont know whats happening to me, im so depressed, im letting go!..
I will only eat 300 calories, that is my max!..
I have to do this, help me do this!.. im so close!
At least I hit the gym today, lost like 300 calories but its not enough cause I got home and ate some carrots and some cheese, and I dont know why I did it, I wasnt even hungry..
Help me!


  1. Hey! Wow! girl u hav got some seriouse self control!! Dont worry, your doing fine! 650 calories is like less then half of wat most people eat anyway.. and u have to keep ur metabolism up too. Wow an aspiring singer! Gud luck! and thanks 4 being my first blog follower! :)

  2. hey sam! i'm here for you, don't forget that. i'm going through something very similar to you, so iknow how you feel. just keep trying and finding the inspiration to get skinny. i know you can do it:)