Friday, August 21, 2009

It takes one to know one...

Hey girlies!..
I'm really really happy today cause I lost 4 pounds!..
I can only weigh myself once a week in my nutritionist's office so i got really excited!..
Great way to start the weekend!..
At first I was really nervous of going because I thought I had gained but apparently I didnt! Its a really good feeling when that happens!.. but its weird cause i dont think I look any thinner...
On the other side, It is still not enough. I'm still not skinny, just a little less fat...
My nutritionist is really worried and wants to talk to my dad..
She made me sign a contract that says I have to eat at least 1200 calories including 3 carbs and 2 proteins. She said that if I lost more weight she would stop seeing me... I'm obviously not doing it, I mean 1200 calories! I cant remember the last time I ate that amount of food.. why would I eat so much when I'm not hungry.
But this is good cause now my dad will be watching me and I will only eat when he makes me!.. If he doesnt make me, then I wont eat.. It may sound stupid but it is a really good tactic for not eating!.. this will start tomorrow!.. 8 more lbs to go!
Does anybody know any really good thinspo sites?.. I really need some!..
I also want to thank u guys 4 ur comments. They mean a lot to me and the support is actually helping me feel stronger!.. I wish I could meet the people that are helping me so much!..
xoxo, sam


  1. congrats on 4 more pounds lost!

    My favorite thinspo site:

    she does regular posts too, so there is always new thinspo up:)

    stay strong.


    good thinspo blog
    yay for the loss i like the idea project barbie:)

    can i ask why the nutritionist? wont she realise if your underweight