Saturday, September 12, 2009

Believe me, Im lying.

Hey girls!

Im gonna write this super fas tcause all my family is here and im scared they will see what im writing...

So im still fasting, this would be the third day..

Yesterday I had to go to dinner with my family and I acted sick but they still made me have some chicken broth.. I dont think I broke my fast because it is still liquid and it has minimum calories..

Im freaking out cause I have to go eat with my family to a restaurant any minute now and I really dont wanna eat!.. I feel perfect, Im not hungry!.. I dont know what do do cause its not fair and I know that my dad will make me eat!

Ill tell him my stomach is still a little upset and Ill try to have soup or something..NOTHING SOLID!..

Im so mad I hate it when this happens!.. I should have the right to choose what I put into my body.

I love this feeling!.. the emptyness inside me, it makes me feel clean!

Im also starting to feel thinner and im loving it!.. but its still not enough!

sorry guys I have to leave but ill post something at night just to let u know how day 3 went..

love u, sam


  1. great job for being day number threee. and that does suck when you really dont want to eat but the people around you like force you to!. i realy hate that. and thats awesome that you do feel thinner though=]

    keep it up!

  2. great job on the fast! keep it up!