Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fast day 1

Actually it was amazingly easy!.. I didnt even think of food, I didnt even want it...

I think its cause I kept myself away from it, I didnt even go into the kitchen..

I did drink a looot of tea.. iced, hot, bottled, etc etc and loads of water.. I dont get why Im soo thirsty!..

What is really getting me in a bad mood is that I dont feel clean yet.. I feel fat and disgusting and I cant wait to feel thin and empty!.. I need results, i know its just the first day but I really need to wake up lighter tomorrow so I can stay motivated.. (I know, im weird.. When i feel thin I dont want to eat and when I feel fat I just keep eating)...

What im really nervous about is starting to eat again.. I dont wanna gain all the weight i lose..

any tips?

The day is still not over.. I have an engagement party to attend. But im sure I wont eat anything so I can say I rocked at day one and im proud of myself!

I hope I dont get hungry tomorrow, they say day 2 is the worst..

wish me luck!



  1. Good luck with day 2! I know you can do it :)
    And the best tip I've read (and I'm sure you've read) is just keeping busy. It takes your mind off everything.

  2. wow nice job!! i have the same thing where if i feel skinny i wont eat but if i feel fat i just eat more =/ keep up the skinny!

  3. you can deff do it! and great job so far!! =]