Thursday, September 17, 2009

"I am not what happened to me; I am what I choose to become"

Today's food intake:

-9 pieces of watermelon.

-2 light jello cups

-1 carrot

-5 pieces of melon

-2 tablespoons of cottage cheese

Is it a lot? I have no idea how many calories I had but I feel like it was a lot!

I feel like a pig!

And im scared cause this weekend is a jewish holiday and everything is food, food, food!

and really fattening and delicious food!

i wanna die..

There is nothing I can eat anymore!.. everything is fattening.. even watermelon!

please somebody tell me if it was too much or if it was okay.. like how many cals?

what can I eat??

i want to fast forever! i need more willpower and tricks..

Today I was supposed to weigh myself but i didnt..

I feel thin lately.. not as thin as id wish but i do feel thin.. and i dont want the stupid scale to ruin my day.. im scared of it, i hate it.. maybe next week.. i feel like 53 kilos right now.. i wish i was 52 already..

Here is a promise to u guys and myself!.. Monday I will start a fast!.. I wanna fast all week! and friday I will weigh myself!.. please support me, dont let me fail! remind me why i need this!..

and sorry i havent posted quotes!.. ill post them this weekend, i have 10000 new ones!..

love u


  1. that's not a bad intake at all!! keep up your skinny!

  2. ah hunni be strong for the jewish holidays why is it all celbrations revolve around vast quantitys of food

    melon sounds nice i havent had it in ages gna look up the cals

    look forward to the quotes feeling thin is great feeling


  3. yeah that was not a bad intake !! its okay. and i know what you mean about wanting to fast forever. but you are doing great=]

    its kay!!

    keep it up!