Tuesday, September 22, 2009

There's a lot of nothing around here...

Hello people!
Day 2 of my everlasting fast- completed!
In order to avoid lunch, I told my dad I was eating with my mom, and I told my mom I was eating with my dad.. (genius huh?) Instead I went to buy diet pills (hydroxycut) and to the supermarket to buy teas, coffee, sugar-free red bull, gum, diet coke, magazines, etc etc.. Then I drove around for like half an our to make the timing believable..(it was kinda frustrating)
For dinner, I did the same thing I did yesterday!.. thank god my dad wasnt here again!.. I served food on a plate, chewed on it, then spit it in an opaque cup, left the dirty plate as evidence, took the cup to my room as if it were tea, dumped the food on the toilet, and flushed!!!
Its amazing how im really not hungry.. im not even feeling it.
But it sucks how i dont seem to be any thinner.. I feel and I look FAT.. WTF?
Im really excited cause tomorrow will be my third day fasting and I will enter ketosis! Hopefully tomorrow I will be thinner..
Tomorrow Im supposed to eat at my grandmothers house and I have no idea what excuse to make up.. im also running out of things to do and places to go while my family thinks im eating someplace else... Im also really nervous cause if I get away with not having lunch with them for the 3rd day in a row, they will totally make me have dinner with them.. (family time)
I dont know what to do!!!!!!! Why does the whole fucking world revolve around food??

I also wanted to tell u guys that I am completely obsessed with Cassie Ainsworth from Skins.. I idolize her, I wanna be her!.. She is just PERFECT!.. I love her...

I love u guys 2!!.. xoxo


  1. great job at hiding things! and you are doing really good!

    have you taken hydroxycut before?! i want to know how it works!!=]

    keep it up!

  2. Cassie is my absolute favorite character of all the tv shows I've watched. I have a few scenes of Skins featuring her hidden in my blog somewhere.
    I wish they made the 3rd season about Cassie and not Effie. The 3rd season sucked!
    One of the Cassie clips might help you in avoiding eating at your Grandmas.
    Good luck!