Friday, October 16, 2009

Everyday is a bad dream I cant wake up from..

Hey girls!

Ive got this new lifestyle going on!.. it mostly depends on over- excersizing..

I neveeer excersized!! eveeeeer!.. I hated it!.. But I refuse to gain more weight, I refuse to stay in this weight.. so it seems my only choice is to kill myself at the gym..

I saw my ed doctor on wednsesday.. she believes all my crap..

I tell her I eat waaay more than I really do.. I tell her I dont purge.. I tell her im not working out.. and she believes me.

I think she is the dumbest doctor in the world!.. does she really think that ive been able to stay at 52 kilos with all the fucking food she is giving me?.. seriously.. what kind of doctor is she?

So.. I wake up early, I go to the gym, I run until I burn 500 calories, then I do pilates, go into the vapor room, take a shower, fake tan myself, go to school, get home, eat lunch with my family, puke what I can, go to the gym again, try to burn at least 350 calories more.. then move on with my day..

Is it enough or should I do more that that?

My family is really believing ive got this new healthy lifestyle, change of attitude or something going on haha... my fake tan makes me look healthier, and they still cant believe im working out.. They obviously dont know im working out that much..

The only problem of doing so much excersize is that it makes me really hungry.. I dont have any breakfast, I try to wait until lunch.. but then I just start pigging out on whatever is infront of me.. usually its salad or soup or fish.. but still im eating more than I used too.. Im trying to control myself.. Ive also been having dinner.. I take laxies but still, i cant allow myself dinner...

If I want to work out, I need to eat.. so my plan is to it 500 calories at the most every day.. and burn at least 500 calories every day + pilates...

BURN EVERYTHING I EAT.. thats my new philosophy.. im done with purging! its making my stomach the size of a 9 month pregnant woman..

tell me if u like my plan.. tell me if i should work out more.. tell me anything..



  1. wow, your doing really well! I'm completely useless with exersize, seriously.
    and how stupid is that doctor, wow.
    keep up the good work! x

  2. fake tan to make you lood healthy genius!

    i think your plan is good because your working out in the morning cause then oyur burning off weight not food and your speeding up your metabolism for when the food does come and then your burning the food off after so your plan should work well

    isnt it funny how really doctors know nothing same with your family, people just believe whats nicer to believe most of the time