Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Suicide is painless.. its only life that hurts.

Hey people..

so heres a little recap..


-after i wrote the last post, i went to pf changs with my ex and ate an entire bowl of shrimp, 1 spring roll, veggies, some chicken... TOO MUCH!!!!!!!!

-after that i went to monterrey with my friend and she had prepared dinner (aaaagghh) so I ate some jicama and some panela cheese..


-forced to eat breakfast so i had some fruit with a little yoghurt.

-had salad with chicken and vegetable soup for lunch.. (i could have avoided the chicken)

-lots of alcohol and soda!! (bloateeeeed)


-had a big frozen yoghurt with strawberries for breakfast.

-shrimp, veggies, salad with avocado!!!.. too much!!! for lunch

-salmon and veggies (lots of veggies) for dinner.. im a pig


-yoghurt with some strawberries for breakfast

-only a little piece of potato for lunch.

-burnt 550 cal on the eliptical

-shrimp, salad, lots of veggies, and wine for dinner... too much! (purged what i could)


burnt 500 cal on the eliptical

-fruit for breakfast (50 cal)

-a lot of broccoli (50 cal), some chicken (im guessing 100 cal), carrot soup (50 cal), sauce( 40 cal)

-planning on pilates and burning another 500 cal on the eliptical

what do u guys think.. am i a huge fat pig or what?

I dont know what to do!, please help me!.. i lost my inner strength, i lost my hatred towards food

I have no idea how much food i can eat and still lose weight?

i need to ask u guys a huge favor!!! could u guys comment here what u eat in a day when u are losing weight?.. how many calories and what do u eat, what food.. pleaaaaaseee!!!!!

i need help!!!!

parents leaving to argentina on sunday for a week! perfect opportunity to fast!!!!

u guys have no idea how i feel.. i can see myself in the mirror, i know im thin, but i still hate myself!.. why is this hot body not enough?.. why do i want my bones to show, why do i want to look and be fragile?.. why do i wanna be underweight?.. why do i want my legs to be as skinny as my arms?.. and how can i get there? ....

too scared to weigh myself, too fucking scared... HELP ME PLEASE COMMENT!


  1. try to think of the food in a better light its all healthy food lots of veggies and lean meats so it isnt fat your eating which would be bad but the scale probably wont be as bad as you think it you had been forced to eating pasta/junk food etc then yes that would be terrible and your burning alot off you really cant of gained too much and oppurtunity to fast i think i do have an idea how you feel legs as thin as arms yeah i can feel that my bmi says im a normal weight yet why do i feel like a beached whale


  2. I know how you feel, I feel so fucking fat, I want my legs to be as thin as my arms too, you could try the abc diet, it takes some willpower but it's genius, seriously.
    I hope you feel better soon :) x