Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It feels like everyone is sitting in sunshine while im drowning in the rain..


So I weighed myself today, and guess what?...I weigh 51.7!!!! 2 kilos less than yesterday! oh how i love it when these things happen! I burnt 500 calories at the gym and dis an hour of pilates!

Ive had nothing but water and coffee! I told my dad I was gonna have lunch with my boyfriend late so he didnt make me eat but i had to sit with my family at the table while they were eating.. u have no idea how difficult it was to eat nothing! and there was all the food that i loved, and it wasnt fattening.. but i had nothing! only water...

I fucking loove doing this! I love it! Im finally feeling like myself again... Im back to my ways that keep me sane..

Im going to acapulco tomorrow with a friend.. I wont be able to excersize but i will do all i can to keep fasting.. Its gonna be so hard cause she cant notice i wont be eating.. i dont know what to do?.. i think im gonna take some cookies and leave the empty packages everywhere in the house so that she thinks im eating them.. the problem will be at dinner time and lunch time.. what will i do? please help me u guys!

Im gonna wake up extra early tomorrow and go to the gym.. ill burn another 500 calories and ill do another hour of pilates..

Im so excited that i lost 2 kilos in one day!.. i think it was all water weight.. i still dont look as thin as i did before but im working on it.. im excited about acapulco but i dont wanna eat! what do i do?

I finally feel like im back to my old self.. im putting my life back together again.. oh ana i love u so much..

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  1. I won't give you much new iinfo, but some excuses I've used when having lunch or dinner with friends are:

    -Bad stomach
    -Not hungry, I had a huge bowl of cereal while u were sleeping (this doesn't work if there's no cereal haha, but u might as well mention any other food)
    -I have with me my purse at the table with a plastic bag, so every time I put a HUGE amount of food in my mouth, I try to chew the least I can and then I spit into a napkin (also put a lot of napkins on ur lap or else it will be weird if u are grabbing napkins every two seconds) and I dispose the napkin in the plastic bag.
    -I leave the table constantly to get stuff I "need" from my backpack (like my bottle of water, like vitamins, like whatever u can need at a table) and I get rid of food in the bathroom.

    Some of these might be useful for u in Acapulco... the other thing is, normally at the beach even healthy people forget about eating :)

    goood luck!