Friday, January 8, 2010

The loudest cry for help is always silent...

Hello people..

This is day 5 of my fast..

I didnt go to the gym today, so i dont know how much i weigh..

My mother got back from a 45 day trip today so i had to have lunch with her and my sister.. I only had soup and light frapuccino..

My dad's family is having dinner right now at the kitchen and they are calling me.. I told my dad im gonna sleep over at my moms today so I have to go...

My mom and my sister are serious binge eaters.. I really dont wanna spend the night cuz they will eat next to me all the time, and im not feeling so strong right now..

I always read ur blogs, and i think some of us have some things in common that we dont realize.. I dont know if it was the holidays but our willpower is really low lately.. most of us have been setting goals for this year and have already failed them.. for some time the only thing that made me anorexic was the fact that i wrote here, cause i would eat... so i just want to remind all of u that writing here will not make us skinny.. the only thing that will malke us skinny is guts and willpower and strength.. lets not fool ourselves..

ugghhh my dad just called me and asked if i was gonna have dinner.. i think he is being suspicious because i havent eaten anything infront of him this week, and im always making up excuses..

i feel fat right now i dont know why..

i need to go or he will make me eat..


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