Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Everytime someone asks me if im okay, its just a reminder that im not..

Hello people..

So I succesfully fasted through last week and then bigned like a cow through the weekend.. So all the hard work was for nothing cuz im a fat pig again.. So now im fasting again.. I need to do this, I need it now.. I cant stand this!.. I cant stand getting dressed or looking at myself in the mirror or living with myself.. The worst part are my thighsm they're huge!!! I can feel them touch when i sit down, they look so big with leggings so I cant wear them anymore.. this is killing me I cried today like a baby cause of my body..

My life sucks right now.. I wish that no one ever goes through what im going through.. My nude pictures are everywhere, everyone has seen them and everyone keeps staring at me and talking shit about me.. Someone sent the pictures to my mother last night and she sent them to my dad and now my whole family hates me and is ashamed of me and they want me out of the house.. No one says a word to me and when they do they just tell me what a stupid whore I am..

My life sucks and the worst part is that im fat.. I cant deal with being fat right now.. This is killing me, I need to lose all this weight fast, i dont get why im losing so slowly.. I HATE MY LIFE, I HAVE NO REASON AT ALL TO WAKE UP ANYMORE..

People tell me I have to fight but I have no reason to.. I need to be thin again, I have to be thin again.. My body is all I have left..

Thank u so muc for ur comments, u really made me feel better... I dont knko what I would do without this blog.. Its the only place im not being judged or made fun of.. thank u so much

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  1. hey im sorry ur life sucks rite now! dont worry, things will get better, trust me, ive been there. i am 5'8, 108 and losing. the heaviest ive been is 140. i was a fat pig. no kidding. i stay around 110 most months which is hard but its something that can be done. i usaually fast for 4 days, eat 1 meal, and then throw it up. it works. its hard tho, sometimes i get off track and binge like a pig but ive found that applecider vineger pills work like magic. and music. the best way to lose weight is to take like 10 pills and then listen to ur favorite music all day long.
    stay strong! u can do this girl! ~ :)