Monday, February 1, 2010

Faces I recognized sorrounded me and yet I knew none of them...

Its 10:29 pm and ive succesfully fasted through the day..

I also burnt 500 calories at the gym.. I couldnt weigh myself though, I had no scale, ill weigh myself tomorrow..

I know its just been a day, but I feel thiner already! Maybe its the feeling of emptyness..

Im still very weak.. Ive been having cravings all day.. this didnt happen to me when I used to fast.. I hated food, it made me sick.. I wanna get that feeling again, i need it.. Im scared of myself.

Tomorrows plan is to go to uni, go buy hydroxycut, go to the gym at lunch time, burn 500, weigh myself, drink a lot of water and coffee..

Oh I cant wait to be scary skinny again! I need it more than oxygen, without it ill surely die!

My boy is at denver this week, i cant wait for him 2 come back and see me beautiful and frail! Im sure he is gonna ask me to be his girlfriend when he comes back, i need to look gorgeous!

Why is fasting so hard right now? it used to be so easy for me.. aghh what the fuck happened to me!

Nothing more for today.. talk to u guys 2morrow.. why dont u guys comment anymore?

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  1. You're craving things because your body is malnourished. Don't do a liquid fast. Do a veggie fast. The goal is to look skinny, not scary :)