Thursday, April 29, 2010

I started out with nothing and still have most of it left..

So the boy called.. he explained himself.. hes not an asshole after all.. he had valid reasons.. but still we cant be together for now, even though we want to.. bad timing i guess... at least i can breathe now that i know the reasons, but it still hurts, i miss him, i want him with me....

met the most important music manager in mexico yesterday... he was really interested in me, he wants to work with me, he said he loveeed my look and my voice.. the only problem is that i dont compose music so we need to find someone to do it for me.. i started calling people and moving my influences and a friend introduced me to this amazing music producer that loved me.. he said he's been having this amazing project in mind for a year and was looking for the perfect girl and hadnt found her.. he said im the girl he was looking for.. he is gonna write and compose music for me, the idea is indie, alternative with a mix of electronic.. there is none of that in mexico.. and they want a really hot girl to be the rocker and they want her to be sexy and stylish.. its hard to explain but its a really cool idea and we will start working next week.. we will make a demo and take it to the manager who loved me.. its gonna take time and a lot of work but at last im starting to work on making my dream come true.. im gonna be a rockstar!!!

Ive been kinda binging every night because of the nerves and pressure and stress, that boy ruined my whole existence and made me fat.. not really binging on food, only on dressings and yoghurt (not solid things) im back to 50.3 but i fasted today so i hope my weight will be less tomorrow..

I have another photoshoot tomorrow.. modern romeo and juliet.. its gonna be cool.. and then another one on saturday.. im working on posting some for u be patient a few more days i promise..

i should be so excited about my life right now, at last im on my way to stardom... but still something is missing, he is missing.. why did i have to know him? i stare at my blackberry all day waiting for him to call, i facebook stalk him all day, i check his twitter.. stupid girl u know he wont call.. at least not this week.. he needs his space and then hopefully if ur lucky he will miss u and come back... if u wish hard enough.. im sad

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  1. Wow! That is sooo fucking awesome about the whole "dream come true, becoming a rockstar" stuff!!! RAD as fuck. Congrats :)